At HASTEN, we believe healthy vision can see near and far, not just one or the other. That's why we are both a local church AND a global church. We want to reach our neighbors AND the nations. As you read Hasten's 2021 vision and need list, you will see our local church projects as well as our projects abroad. Please take the time to read these projects and prayerfully ask the Lord where he would have you give.


Hasten Church Chattanooga
Phase One
Hasten Church Chattanooga
Phase One
Hasten Church Chattanooga
Phase One
Hasten Church Chattanooga
Phase One

GOAL: $55k

Chattanooga - Phase One

Amount Raised 1%

The first phase of Hasten Church Chattanooga is nearing completion! We're almost done with remodeling, we've purchased everything BUT the production & sound equipment, and very soon we will be open! This first phase will be a launch pad for our church and ministry here in Chattanooga, our production center for the Hasten Church Global family, and once we move to the next phase, this will be our children's ministry center.

Let's give and be in faith to knock this project out quickly!

Hasten Church

Hasten Church Chattanooga has already opened the doors! We are meeting weekly to pray, seek God's face, and prepare to open to the public in 2021. During the 2020 lockdowns, we dove in to remodel our launch location. Because of hundreds of hours (thousands?) of volunteer labor, we are almost complete! Join us as we knock out phase one and get ready to serve our city from this new location.

Hasten Church
Production & Tech Equipment

GOAL: $50k

Tech/Production Equipment

Amount Raised 0%

We need to upgrade all of our church production and tech equipment. This is how we will send all God is doing all over the world through video and audio.

This will give us the ability to record not only our services but to produce music and web projects to impact the nations.

Hasten Nepal

2021 Nepal Vision & Goals

It was during one of our fasting and prayer sessions in Nepal when we first felt the Lord would have build a village. Yes, a village. During prayer, Pastor Dustan and Darlene both sensed the Lord would have the Hasten Church Global family build a home for at-risk women, children, and widows in Nepal. This home will house our Hasten Church Nepal location, our mission and ministry training, will house our interns, and will make Hasten Nepal self sustainable over the next five years. Since, we have continually moved forward as the Lord has sharpened the vision. As we enter the year 2021, we feel it is time to move forward with the first phase. Here are our goals:

Goal: $1k per/month

Double Support for Nepali PASTORS

Amount Raised 0%

We need to raise more monthly support to support Nepali pastors and evangelists who are spreading the Gospel in unreached areas.

To do so, we need to raised an additional $1,000 per month.

Goal: $40k

Build Second Children's Host Home

$379 of $25k
Amount Raised: $228 1%

We want to build a second village host home, very much like our first one, to keep children who are at-risk of human trafficking close to where they are from.

To do so, we need to raised an additional $25,000.


Raise funds FOR PHASE ONE of Hasten's village in Nepal

$724 of $250k
Amount Raised 0%

Hasten Village will be a home for at-risk children, women, widows and others suffering or in danger of human trafficking. It will house our church, ministry training, team members, and interns. The goal will be to make Hasten Village the center of all of Hasten Nepal's work and our first major step toward total self sustainability.

Phase One cost


Completed Giving Projects